You are welcome to bring your pieces in for a clean and polish as often as you like. It is a condition of our manufacturer's guarantee that you bring your pieces in at least once a year for a clean, polish and maintenance check. This is free of charge!

In between visits a soft toothbrush, warm water and dishwashing liquid (use only water for pearls and opals) will get rid of most dirt that can collect underneath stones. If it's really stuck try soaking the piece overnight in water and dish liquid before giving it a brush.

Rings shouldn’t be worn at the gym, in the garden or during any other activity that utilises rough metal instruments. Things like weights and gardening tools are made of hardened steel, much tougher than gold, platinum, palladium and silver and can do quite a lot of damage!

Harsh chemicals such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine and abrasive compounds such as sand, scourers, sandpaper and some soaps should be avoided. Some chemicals can react with certain metals and semi-precious stones and both metal and stones can be damaged by rough surfaces.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all pieces manufactured in our studio; on the condition that it is brought in for an annual clean, polish and assessment- which is a service we offer free of charge to our customers.

Please Note that chains are not manufactured by us and are not included under our guarantee.

If an initial re-size is required for rings of up to two sizes in either direction you will not be charged within three months of collection.

Any repairs or maintenance required during the lifetime of the piece as a result of wear and/or accidental damage will be undertaken at a reduced rate for any items manufactured by us.

While only the highest quality Diamonds and precious gems are sourced from reputable suppliers, all stones, being organically formed, are susceptible to scratches, chips and breaks and are therefore not covered by the guarantee.