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Songea Pink Sapphire Necklace - Sterling Silver

Songea Pink Sapphire Necklace - Sterling Silver

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IMPERFECTION: A pink sapphire with inky blue spots and visible inclusions

CENTREPIECE: 3.7mm round, rose cut sapphire

METAL: 100% recycled sterling silver

LENGTH: 41cm

METHOD: Lost wax casting method. A silicon mold has been made from a hand forged master. This mold is injected with wax which can then be cast in any of our 100% recycled metals. The castings are then hand finished and assembled on-site.


If you like it but you're not in love with it please don't hesitate to get in touch to see what we can source just for you.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in any modifications or re-sizing. These are unique pieces that may not be feasible to adjust but we are happy to discuss your requirements, any additional costs involved and turnaround times.

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Second chance gems are stones that may have been overlooked because they're flawed in some way.

Common imperfections can be inclusions such as growth lines, bubbles, inclusions and minor cleaves. There are also other natural occurrences such as silt and colour banding that are easily detectable to the naked eye. 

These stones may not have turned out as expected on the cutting table but are still stable and suitable for jewellery. 

To us their imperfections are what give them character and set them apart from other stones on the market. So we are giving them a second chance and saving them from the scrap heap whilst simultaneously providing the opportunity to create some truly unique jewellery! As designers we love to work with the stones to enhance their unique characteristics.